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To achieve our clients’ goals, we will use any means necessary. We are a team with many years of experience in the field of online advertising, social networks, design and informatics.

Our main tools are web development, design, content production and advertising campaigns.

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Opremisidom - Desktop

Opremisidom Online Store

Design / Development is an online store that sells various home furnitures. In the store you can find products of different brands such as Imm Cologne, Salone Internationale del Mobile, Parisot and others.

The team

A badger, a hedgehog, a bear, an owl and a bumblebee met on a forest path. They soon realised that the knowledge of each individual allowed them to become even stronger as a group. The badger loved talking about the 0s and 1s. The creative hedgehog was interested in photography and video. The owl loved hooting about brands, creating corporate identities, and guiding companies entering the market. The bumblebee flew across vast fields and was very sociable, not only in nature, but also online. For a few hours a day, he buzzed from one social network to another, upgrading his mastery of taking selfies. And the curious bear loved to have an audience, loved communicating and providing assistance. In his paw, the phone kept ringing, and he was constantly answering calls and reading messages. Together and with great determination, they built their animal-cyber kingdom.


Povečanje spletne prodaje in lojalnosti kupcev

Increasing online sales and customer loyalty

Research shows that companies spend five times more on acquiring new customers than on retaining existing ones.

Debunking some of the largest WordPress Myths

Debunking some of the largest WordPress Myths

In recent years WordPress has become one of the most popular tools for managing web content, but it still has a lot of Myths surrounding it. Some of them are the result of badly configured or poorly coded websites, and some of them are spread by developers that want to push their closed source and […]

What is Gutenberg and how it will change WordPress content creation?

What is Gutenberg and how it will change WordPress content creation?

WordPress began its journey as a fork of the blogger system called b2 / cafelog. In its beginnings, it featured editing and categorization of posts, and allowed comments. The design capabilities were very limited, but they were good enough to enhance the content. More than a decade ago version 2.0 received a more advanced editor […]


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