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Customer: European Commission
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Enefirst will help making the E1st principle more concrete and operational, better understand its relevance for energy demand and supply and its broader impacts across sectors and markets, focusing on the buildings sector. Eight partners from several European countries are involved in the project.

Spletna stran Enefirst


  • Wireframe
  • Website Design
  • Website programming
  • Animated elements: icons, animation
  • Reports, events, newsletter subscriptions
  • Brochure preparation

How did we spruce up the page

  • For a more pleasing and understandable presentation of the project, a number of animated icons have been included on the page the animation of which is triggered when they enter into the field of view. Because animations are executed using vector thumbnails and CSS, hardware browser accelerations can be used to help them run smoothly.
  • One of the website parts is the news and events notification field organized by the project. The latter is done via news, a clearly displayed schedule, and a news subscription form that is directly integrated with MailChimp.
Spletna stran Enefirst desktop
Margaux B.

I am glad to work with Ideaz on the Enefirst project, they are professional, easy to work with and very responsive. They designed the website and brochures that definitely help gain visibility to the project.


Bear Nika
Project Manager
Owl Dea
Badger Andrej