2D animacija Zapuščinski postopek

2D animation: Inheritance proceedings

Customer: Supreme Court in Ljubljana

For our client, the Supreme Court in Ljubljana, we have created a series of animations about judicial procedures that are intended to provide basic information.

3D animacija IMP produkti

3D animation: IMP products

Customer: IMP Armature

For the client IMP Armature, we have prepared a promotional video of the product range, which includes industrial valves for systems with drinking and industrial water, for the needs of companies in the food processing industry, shipbuilding, heating technology, and fire protection systems, as well as a variety of other purposes.

Tehnično informacijski sistem Tango

Technical and Informational System Tango

Customer: Petrol d.d. Ljubljana

Tango is a modern information solution that ensures efficient planning, effective monitoring, and management of systems in smart cities, industries, and business users. With digital transformation, it addresses the challenges of modern business by constantly detecting the state and changes in the physical system, and helps you respond to current conditions with fast and intelligent […]