Website development

Websites are a central part of the online presence of any business or organisation, and deserve a lot of attention both in the development phase and later in the use phase, as a good part of the sales success of their owners depends on their persuasiveness and quality.

Developing a website is a large-scale project that requires the correct approach and active involvement of the client for optimal implementation. At the Ideaz Web Agency, we have developed a multi-stage process, where we handle as much of the burden as possible, thus ensuring a smooth, high-quality and fast implementation for our clients.

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Our website development process

Website development is a multi-layered project that involves stakeholders from different departments of the client and the developer.

The Ideaz Web Agency has successfully completed over one hundred projects of various sizes. We learned a lot working with our clients, and we took the best practices and packaged them into our multi-stage process of managing website development projects.

Project meeting

At the introductory project meeting, we go over a questionnaire that covers the objectives, design starting points and the client’s requirements. We review the analysis of the market and competition, define the target audience, and review the client’s strategic guidelines and values. We also determine the approximate scope of website content and estimate the approximate project milestone dates.

Wireframe and design

After the meeting, our UX and SEO experts start developing the website wireframe. At this stage, we are primarily interested in a clear presentation of key content and the layout of a clear website architecture, which also serves as the basis for the website optimisation strategy (SEO).

After the client approves the wireframe model, we begin the website design phase, in which we make the collected ideas and information come alive in full colour. Usually, we prepare two or three design versions to start with. We follow the design principles and our client’s corporate identity, but are not afraid to experiment to add a touch of modernity into classic images.


After the design is confirmed, we choose the best technology for the project, depending on the type of the project. For website development, we use the open source CMS WordPress, which allows for fast development and very simple content updates. We can create any site using WordPress, while the WooCommerce plug-in allows us to create a high-performance online stores. When writing code, we strictly adhere to web standards to ensure compatibility with most browsers, and we also take care of rendering speed and SEO optimisation.

Content preparation and entry

Programming is followed by content entry, which can be easily performed by the clients themselves, but we can also take care of this by prior arrangement. When developing a website, we make every effort to make sure that clients can edit most of the text and images on the website themselves, while also simplifying the new content entry process as much as possible.

If the client does not yet have the content, we can take care of that as well. Our creative team will prepare or process texts, translations, images, videos, animations, posters and other content.

Website review and launch

Before launching the completed website, we conduct an internal quality control to look for any potential problems. We perform display reviews using the most popular rendering engines on different operating systems. Quality control is performed by testers not involved in the development, which allows us to detect and correct minor errors.

Once the website passes the quality control, it is ready for transfer from the development to the production server and handover to the client. The transfer can be done by us or, at the client’s request, the data can be exported and the website installed by the client’s IT department.

Website hosting and maintenance

Most of our clients’ websites are hosted on our very fast servers, where we ensure reliable operation and backups on a daily basis, while the servers are connected directly to the backbone network. Of course, we don’t mind if a client wants to host their website on their own servers, as some companies must meet the requirements of their IT departments or parent companies.

Support and training

An administrator is always available for our clients, ensuring a quick response and troubleshooting. Per request, we also provide user interface training, as it is very convenient that at least some users on the client’s side can edit and add content to the website.

In the practical training, we cover news entry and editing, text editing text on subpages, adding multimedia material, while also dispelling users’ fears about the difficulties of website editing.

What types of websites do we develop?

We list the four most common types of website we develop, which vary in purpose, aim and the complexity of implementation.

Presentation pages

These pages are the basis of the entire Internet, connecting companies with interested audiences. The basic version usually contains four to six subpages, while more demanding versions contain 10 to 20 or even more. In most cases, their aim is to collect enquiries, present the offer and provide basic company information.

Information portals

Instead of selling, their purpose is to provide information to key user groups. Such website usually consist of a few basic pages, a large number of news items, and, increasingly, multimedia content.

Online stores

Online stores are designed for selling physical products or services. They can be used to sell everything from one to several thousand products. As the number of products increases, there are challenges in terms of page load speed, transparency of offer and content management. The largest online store created by the Ideaz Web Agency contains several thousand products, but maintains the speed and agility of a much smaller online store.

Landing pages

In essence, these are very simple websites designed to promote new products or test a new (foreign) market for an existing product or service. The main advantages are fast development and a lower price, which allows us to quickly check the market response to accompanying advertising campaigns.

If the product or idea tested with the landing page turns out to be interesting on the market, the landing page can also grow into a more comprehensive website.

Take a look at some of our completed websites and online stores at the link below:


Why entrust the development of your website to the Ideaz Web Agency?

At the Ideaz Web Agency, we approach website development methodically and systematically, as this is the only way to ensure smooth development, a high level of quality and on-time delivery.

We invite you to contact us with your wishes for your new website. Together we will discuss your starting points and requirements. We will present our relevant experiences, discuss the ideas for improving your online presence, and provide a price and time frame for implementation.