Google Ads (adwords)

Google Ads, previously Google AdWords, is one of the most effective and popular forms of online advertising, as it appeals to users who are actively searching for certain products or services using the Google search engine at a specific time. When a user enters a keyword previously specified by the advertiser into the search engine, the ad is displayed.

Oglaševanje Google Ads (Adwords)

In addition to advertising on the Google search engine, we can also advertise through Google Ads by using image ads that appear in many different places online, using videos on YouTube, e-mail ads on Gmail, and so on. In total, if we subtract the ads in Google search results, other ways of advertising on Google Ads can reach about 90% of Internet users worldwide through YouTube, Gmail and millions of websites across the Internet.

Google Ads Search – Advertising on the Google search engine

Search advertising is the main form of advertising through Google Ads. The ads placed here will appear in Google search results when users search for a specific keyword linked with the ad. This method of advertising is very effective because the user is generally in the last stage of purchase, meaning that they have already decided to buy a product or service. By searching on Google, the user reviews and compares offers at this stage of the purchase – it is therefore important that your offer appears as high as possible among the search results. If your website appears on the second page of Google search results for a specific search keyword or even further down, it is very unlikely that the user will even see your offer, even if they would find it interesting. Even if your website appears in the lower half of the first page of Google search results, the probability of a click is much lower than if it were at the top. With Google Ads, however, your website appears at the very top, among the top three search results.

Why advertise on Google Ads Search?

  • Reach
    The Internet is used by over 80 percent of the population of Slovenia, and more than 97.5 percent of them use the Google search engine. The reach of users is already very high, and the number of users is increasing even further.
  • Relevance
    Ads are displayed to the users who search for your product or service at a given time. In addition to the very specific customisable conditions regarding search queries that will show your ads, you can further limit when your ads will be displayed, depending on other factors. With ads, you can focus only on geographic locations that are important to you, age groups of users, gender, interests, etc.
  • Yield
    Pay per Click – You only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad, visits your website, or calls you. If your ad is displayed and the user does not click on it, you are not charged for the ad displayed. You can set your budget yourself.
  • Results
    With our help and using Google Ads, some companies increase sales in their online stores by more than 200 percent.
  • Goal: sales
    The main goal of our advertising campaigns is to increase sales of our customers’ products or services, which we do by attracting new visitors to your website using attractive ads.
  • Analytics
    We consistently and precisely monitor and measure the progress of advertising campaigns. By constantly reviewing campaigns, we can make corrections that help improve the results of the campaign.

Google Ads Display – Advertising with ad banners

Google Display ad banners are displayed to users across millions of sites throughout the Internet. This type of advertising primarily targets users according to their interests, which are gathered based on their online search history. We can further subdivide this target group based on information such as user location, gender, age, etc. This way, we can show ads to users who are generally interested in your product or service but are not actively searching for the product using the Google search engine at that specific time. As with Google Search ads, the ad banner will be displayed for free until a user clicks on the ad; however, as the ad appears more often than on Google Ads Search and users are not in the final stages of purchase, Display ads are very good for raising brand awareness. When the user finally decides to buy the product or service they were interested in, they will remember your brand because of the ads and visit your website.

Display ads are also very useful for users who had visited your website but did not make a purchase, as there is a good chance that the user has not yet bought the product or service they were interested in, but still has an interest in; Google Display ads can remind the user to buy a product or service while they are browsing the web.

Why advertise on Google Ads Display?

  • Reach
    Google Display ads are shown on several million websites throughout the Internet, on YouTube, Gmail, etc. With Google Display ads, we can reach about 90% of Internet users worldwide.
  • Relevance
    Ads are displayed to users who show an interest in your product or service. Ads can also be limited to factors such as geographic location, age group of users, gender of users, websites where the ad can be displayed, etc.
  • Yield
    Pay per Click – You only pay when a user clicks on your ad. If your ad is displayed and the user does not click on it, you are not charged for the ad displayed. You can set your budget yourself.
  • Results
    By displaying a Display ad with your logo to a large number of users who are interested in your product or service, your brand awareness grows significantly.
  • Goal: recognisability
    The main goal of Display ad campaigns is to increase the visibility and recognition of your brand. Thus, a user remembers your products or services when they intends to make a purchase.
  • Analytics
    We consistently and precisely monitor and measure the progress of advertising campaigns. By constantly reviewing campaigns, we can make corrections that help improve the results of the campaign.

Google Ads – YouTube advertising

In terms of reach, YouTube advertising can be compared to advertising on television; however, compared to advertising on television, it allows for much more control over the use of your budget and has very well-defined target audience among users.

You can read more information about YouTube advertising at the following link.

Youtube oglaševanje

Advertising process on Google Ads

The success of Google Ads campaigns depends on many different factors; however, the most important is an appealing ad that is substantively linked to the content on your website. For Search ads, Google uses many factors that make up the Quality Score to calculate the position of your ad. For the Quality Score, it is very important that the content of the search string, ad, and website are related, that the ad includes additional elements (phone number, location, etc.), that the maximum cost-per-click (maximum CPC) is set correctly, and so on. With Display ads, it is more important that the look of the graphic ad itself is appealing to the user – it helps if the ad is animated, as this allows us to convey more information to the user. But don’t worry – leave these and other details of Google Ad campaigns to us.

1. Situation analysis
We analyse the industry, search trends, potential keywords, potential target groups, competition, and possible placements.

2. Strategy development
Target audience and keyword selection, writing/creating first ads, and customising landing pages.

3. Continuous optimisation
Advertising on Google Ads requires constant monitoring and adaptation to the situation.

4. Analytics
Using analytical tools, our team carefully monitors each campaign and thus takes care of its profitability.

Why advertise with us?

Running campaigns on the Google Ads network presents an interesting paradox, because on the one hand it is very easy to set up a campaign, but on the other hand it is difficult to achieve a good position and reasonable prices in more competitive industries (and markets).

Google AllStar tekmovanje

Google partner badge
At the Ideaz Web Agency, we’ve gained extensive experience in the field of Google Ads over the years with numerous campaigns in the most demanding markets (such as the USA, Germany and Australia).

Our Google Ads advertising clients include the largest online stores and fast-growing start-ups, as well as smaller service and manufacturing companies.

We are a certified Google partner, and we also received the prestigious Google All Stars Award for the most successful Google AdWords agency in Slovenia, which came with an invitation to visit Google’s headquarters in California.