BEcoop project Web Page

Customer: The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP)

BEcoop project

The ambition of BECoop is to provide the necessary conditions, technical as well as business support tools, for unlocking the underlying market potential of community bioenergy, fostering new links and partnerships.


  • Wireframe
  • Webpage design
  • Webpage development
  • Animated elements: icons, animations
  • Reports, events, news subscription
  • Interactive map

How did we spruce up the page

  • The website contains a lot of text, that had to be presented to the visitors on a pleasant way. Monotony was broken up with lists made up of coloured blocks and with the help of icons. Quite a few objects are interactive and show additional information or animate when the mouse is moved over them.
  • Reports loaded on the page on an ongoing basis are an important part of the website, however they had to be displayed in the form of a plan. To this end, a graphically appealing template had been created that allows the visitor to download existing reports in one of the languages while seeing a plan for other reports.
  • In addition to English, five other languages are supported on the site. In order to make it easier for visitors from other countries to get acquainted with the project, a mini landing page was created from the menu, which briefly summarizes the essence of the project.
Marine Faber Perrio
Senior communication officer

“We are really happy about the work from Ideaz, going beyond our brief to provide a dynamic, interactive and modern website, together with a comprehensive and easy-to-use CMS. And all respecting our urgent deadlines.”


Owl Urša
Badger Andrej
Bear Katja
Project Manager