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Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana desktop stran
Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana desktop stran

The Ljubljana City Library, with 35 libraries and 47 mobile library stops, is the largest public library in Slovenia and the most networked cultural institution in the City Municipality of Ljubljana.

Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana desktop stran


  • Webpage design
  • Webpage development
  • Animated elements: icons, animations
  • Reports, events, news subscription

How did we spruce up the page:


  • Powerful Search Engine: Due to the large amount of content, we have integrated a powerful search engine, which searches as you type and also offers search suggestions. Users can search the entire site or just for materials or events, and redirection to COBISS search is also supported. The use of an index of terms makes the search results accurate, and especially fast, as it does not strain the page as much as it would if the search were carried out on-the-fly.
  • Materials: We have prepared an extensive structure of taxonomies, which has simplified filtering in the dynamic filter and accelerated loading. Filters are dynamic and adapt in real-time to the selected combination of taxonomies, and a snapshot search engine is also integrated. Each material has the option of rating with stars, which allows visitors to tell others how much they liked a particular book.
  • Events: We have created a list of categories and custom taxonomies, which allows users to select only those they are interested in through the menu or filtering bar. Filtering by date is also supported and is available in the main filtering bar or mini calendar in the sidebar.
  • Accessibility: We placed a strong emphasis on user-friendliness for users with special needs. In addition to the usual adjustments we make on all pages (alternative text, logical order of elements, changes to elements on focus, etc.), we have prepared special features for this website: a larger white or black cursor, link highlighting, contrast enhancement, color conversion to grayscale or white on black, changes in size, thickness and spacing of fonts, and also pause animations. Users can browse the page using only the keyboard, which can also be used to trigger the display of tools. Additionally, for screen readers, we have labeled graphic elements that are not images, and we have also paid attention to appropriate contrast.
Irena Fleimisch Bezlaj, mag.
Service for User Engagement and Special Collections

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the effort, creativity, and exceptional responsiveness of programmers Andrej and Gašper, with whom we collaborated really well, and of course the whole team. We are very happy with the new website, which is at the same time modern, beautiful, and useful.”


Owl Dea
Badger Andrej
Badger Gašper
Bear Katja
Project manager