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Customer: Dr. Katarina Grom
Spletna stran Razvijanje pismenosti
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Literacy Development

Dr. Katarina Grom is an expert in early and emergent literacy development, who shares her knowledge through education and consultancy.

Spletna stran Razvijanje pismenosti


  • Redesign of the selected theme
  • Creation of a complete corporate graphic identity
  • Programming of the website from scratch

How did we spruce up the page:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Visually modern site with a selection of relevant images.
  • Homepage with a lot of information and quick access to them.

My first contact with the Director of Digital Agency Ideaz, Ms. Nika Medved, convinced me that I was dealing with a professional who performs her work enthusiastically, expertly, and honestly. I was impressed by the communication style that gives the client a sense of high personal respect while demonstrating professional subtlety, attentively listening to the client’s wishes.

The collaboration with me was the most prolonged and demanding for the development expert Mr. Gašper Sinur, who proved to be very patient, and can pride himself on an exceptional understanding of a computer illiterate person and the professional ability to translate this into digital programming language. I had the feeling all the time that even the impossible is possible with him, which he confirmed with the final product of the website.

The complete graphic identity and design support for my website was provided by designer Ms. Urša Rogelj, who had to peek into my thoughts and discern my wishes. She impressed me with her thoughtful considerations, which were sensibly connected to the website’s theme. Her creative ideas know no bounds and can meet the client’s desires. I was drawn to her professional arguments, which are the result of years of experience and thorough knowledge of the field.

The team of Digital Agency Ideaz proved to be quickly responsive, professionally correct, and consistent in their work. I was impressed by the unobtrusive collaboration, which had to face many challenges that required technical and content solutions. Preliminary agreements were precise and clear, so there were never any misunderstandings. The company is a wonderful example of legally formal and professionally correct polished business operations, which I also recommend to other clients.

Sincere thanks to all of you who have patiently walked the path of creating the new Literacy Development website with me.

Katarina Grom


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Owl Urša
Badger Andrej
Bear Nika
Project manager