Website hosting/maintenance

If you want your newly developed website or store to be accessible to the general public, then you need to lease a domain and install the site on a server. You can choose to arrange everything necessary for a smooth launch of the site yourself, and we just transfer your website from our development server, or can entrust us to host the site for you.

After the website or online store is launched, it is also necessary to perform regular maintenance, which, in addition to updating WordPress and plug-ins, also includes compatibility fixes. We provide hosting and maintenance in a single package, as we believe that this is the only way to ensure optimal operation.

Gostovanje in vzdrževanje spletnih strani

Website hosting

For hosting purposes, we have leased servers that are connected directly to the backbone network, which ensures good response times and high download speeds. The servers are equipped with optimised software, which we update regularly, while strict access permissions and firewalls provide additional security. If necessary, the servers are upgraded with new hardware and software, and the transition is carried out without visitors noticing anything.

We make sure every site has as many resources as it needs, while hosting a low enough number of websites to prevent any overload. Unlike shared hosting, where hundreds of sites are hosted on one server, the responsiveness of our hosting is better, which can results in higher search engine rankings and conversions.

Every account has regular daily data and database backups, so we can immediately restore the original state of the site in the event of any problems. In addition to the copies on the server itself, we also store local (offline) copies of all sites. For recovery, customers can choose daily backups up to three months old, while we keep monthly backups of data for more than half a year.

Website maintenance

To ensure optimal operation of the website or online, it needs to be maintained regularly. Upgrades include not only security updates that prevent intrusions, but often also resolve bugs and contain speed improvements that result in improved responsiveness. We perform updates several times a year, and we also make sure that the site remains the same after any template upgrades. In addition to updates, we also regularly review error logs and eliminate any internal incompatibilities.

Website hosting price

The website hosting price is determined using a complex formula that takes into account the costs of hosting, regular maintenance and support. It depends on the number and type of plug-ins installed, the size of the data on the server, and the number of pages. With such an accurate calculation, our hosting prices are fairer, so you never pay more than you spend.