Online store development

Creating an online store is a demanding and extensive project that requires a lot of expertise in various fields, as well as active participation of the client in the process.

When developing an online store, we take into account the latest trends in the field of online shopping and optimise each store for its sales segment, as this is the only way to achieve the best results.

Izdelava spletnih trgovin - Jazbec

What capabilities do developed online stores have?

All online stores are developed on the basis of a WordPress plug-in called WooCommerce. It is a fully customisable open source platform that allows you to sell physical products, as well as downloads or subscriptions. WooCommerce is a modular plug-in, thus allowing an almost infinite number of expansion options. Here are some key capabilities.

Unlimited number of products

You can add an unlimited number of products with any number of variations (e.g. colour and size) to the store. Each product can be assigned an exposure picture and gallery, a description of any length, while products can be grouped together using categories and labels – all this can be done using simple content management tools.

Wide range of payment systems

In addition to integrated payment options – cash on delivery, prepayment and PayPal – we can use WooCommerce plug-ins to add almost any other payment system, including credit card support. If the added payment system supports automatic payment capture, order balances and sent notifications are adjusted accordingly.

Promotions and coupons to promote sales

You can set special prices for all products and their variations with just a few clicks, and it is also possible to change prices en masse. In addition to regular promotions, you can also offer coupons for reducing the price of all or only certain products by a fixed value or percentage, or for free postage.

Simple overview of orders

All orders are listed in a spreadsheet, which allows you to quickly filter individual items and edit the details for a specific order. There is also a graphical display of orders during the selected period, which includes a number of filtering options. Purchases can be analysed by client, products, categories, coupons, taxes, inventory, etc. and optimise sales.

Connection with ERP and CRM systems, synchronisation of stocks from files

Due to the simple and well-documented REST API, quite a few CRM/ERP systems already support synchronisation with the WooCommerce online store by default. Connection plug-ins are available for many systems, and we can programme those that are not available. All we need to establish a connection is a well-documented API of the system or the intermediate web service. We also offer customised solutions for synchronising inventory from CSV or XML files, which vendors can upload to your server or provide at a remote address.

Multilingual support

WooCommerce is available in many languages, with excellent translations of over 40 languages, including Slovene. At the Ideaz Web Agency, we are very proud of that, despite our small size, we make important contributions to the Slovenian translation of WooCommerce. Using multilingual plug-ins, we can easily convert any store into a multilingual store, and thus expand the potential client base to foreign countries.