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Customer: Glasmaher
Spletna trgovina Glasmaher - domača stran
Spletna trgovina Glasmaher - domača stran

Optika Glasmaher is a renowned optician in the Dolenjska and Posavje regions. In 2000, they opened their first People’s Optics in a small business space in the center of Brežice. Today, you can also visit them at their branches in Novo Mesto or Brežice.

Spletna trgovina Glasmaher - znamke očal


  • Transformation of the selected theme
  • Web store programming
  • Product filters
  • Product page
  • Search engine

How did we spruce up the page:

  • Matching color shades on the page with the logo.
  • By using filters that narrow down the range of products, the customer can quickly limit the display of products, in addition to the filter, there is also a sorter that allows sorting by popularity, publication date, and price.
  • Products for color selection use color swatches for frames and lenses separately, so that the user can quickly compare and choose the desired color.
  • The search engine allows searching for products, pages, and articles, and search suggestions are also integrated.
  • Technical and speed optimization of the code has been carried out.


Badger Gašper
Bear Nika
Project manager
Owl Urša