Technical support in advertising

Because we are meticulous and responsible to our clients, we offer constant support, fast response time and comprehensive advice at all times. You can contact us via e-mail or by phone, and we also provide assistance with content editing, website improvement and advertising.

Tehnična podpora in podpora pri oglaševanju

Technical support

Although we work hard to make the site perfect when developing websites, errors that have escaped the watchful eye of quality control or are the result of advances in technology can occur over time. For example, a visitor may perform an unforeseen action or use a particular feature in an unusual way, and occasionally a new version of the browser may make changes to the rendering or parsing engine. We correct errors as soon as we manage to recreate them, while carefully testing to ensure that the rest of the site still works flawlessly after the correction. We try to resolve most of non-essential issues on the same day, and the urgent issues as soon as they arise.

Website modifications and updates

With a well-planned site, there is little need for fixes in its initial period; however, later on, you may want to implement new functionalities. We can expand both websites and online stores, while trying to find a cost-optimal solution that will not affect the speed of operation or change it to the smallest degree possible. We discuss available options with the client, and then conduct the integration, including testing and training, if necessary.


In addition to the basic training course, in which we explain entry of new content and editing of existing content, we also have a web guide for WordPress and WooCommerce prepared for our customers. It includes instructions with text and image examples for working with pages, posts, categories and images in WordPress, products, categories and attributes in the WooCommerce plug-in, and translations in the WPML plug-in.

Support in advertising

The Internet provides many advertising tools and a variety of approaches that we can use to increase your visibility, demand and sales. Four things are essential for successfully utilisation of these tools – accuracy, analytics, flexibility and creativity. We also provide customer support for advertising on social media and Google. We can help you prepare a campaign from start to finish, or we can help you if you get stuck in execution.