Increasing online sales and customer loyalty

When we are talking about sustainable online commerce, which is even more popular and necessarriy during the corona crisis, we need to be aware that the loyal costumers are the key to sucess. Every online provider’s real gold and goal are loyal and returning costumers. Research shows that the companies spend five times more money on acquiring new customers than on retaining the existing ones. Even more interesting is the fact that the probability of buying from new customers is only 5-20%, whereas for regular customers it shows up to 60-70%. 

Loyal and already existing costumers are the company’s most valuable asset therefore the strategy of retaining the costumers which can only further increase the loyalty to the brand is unwavering. 

Povečanje spletne prodaje in lojalnosti kupcev

Offer customers a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a great staregy in online sales as well. The basic way of doing it is to provide a simple and fast online sales, which enables the most pleasant user experience. You can also try offering discounts when joining your loyalty program. A strong loyalty program is built further with diversification. With your brand appering on social media and on as many different channels as possible is one other great to increase the loyalty of your costumers. 

“Customer service”

Responsiveness is the key in achieving this. 95 % of the costumers will return to the brand if their potential problems are sorted quick and easily. The company’s ability to do this in online sales as well will definitely set you apart from the competition and put you in a priority position. One great way of doing this can also be automated online answering and live-chat. 

Involve customers in online platforms

The most useful options for engaging costumers are e-mail and social media. 80 % of online providers agree that their gratest tool for retaining costumers is e-mail, as this is exactly where their reach is the greatest. One can include their recipients on social media in the form of promotions, competition or challenges. 

Use rewards to improve your strategy

Loyalty and reward programs operate on reciprocal basis, as they involve the use of kindness to express their gratitude. Those inputs can be just something a simple and small but they still contain the key added value. The idea here is to exceed the costumers expectations and give them their higher value. 

For online providers are strategies to promote sales, increase customer loyalty, and retain them essential. Loyal customers are the first ambassadors of the brand in spreading positive feedback and thus contribute to companies bigger sales. 

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