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Best of Global Digital Marketing Conference

At the Best of Global Digital Marketing conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we presented the topic of advanced advertising campaigns on Facebook. This conference is held in over 30 cities around the world, from Amsterdam to Hong Kong and Shanghai.

At every event, the best global digital campaigns are presented – social networks campaigns, email campaigns, search engine campaigns, display network campaigns, viral video campaigns and everything in between.

The Best of Global Digital Marketing event is organized by mr. Handu Sisalu and his international team at Best Marketing International. Hando has been in the advertising business for more that two decades and cooperates with the top marketing authorities Seth Godin, Mark Tungate and Martin Lindstrom.

At each event, a local case study is also presented. In Ljubljana, this honour belonged to us. We presented the campaign that we performed on the German market for our client Drinkopoly. Drinkopoly is the World’s most entertaining board game for adult players and a best seller in it’s category.

In the presentation, we explained what challenges we faced in the preparation phase of the campaign and how we approached advertising campaigns on Facebook.

We showed some examples of advertisements and presented the results of the campaign that lasted more than six months and achieved very good results.

The last part of presentation featured a Q&A session with the audience. The questions we receive were very practical and to the point. We sincerely hope we’ve helped with our answers.

We would like to thank the organizers for inviting us to the event and treating us like rock stars!