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YouTube advertising

YouTube advertising can be compared to television advertising by its reach, but at the same time it has a lot more control over the use of resources and a very precisely defined target audience amongst its users.

About YouTube

YouTube, which is owned by Google since 2006, is the largest video-sharing collection in the world, third most visited website with millions of users from all over the world and it is also the second largest search engine in the world.

Users access YouTube with desktop computers and tablets, smart TVs and, in more than half cases, with their smartphones.

The most popular videos are from the field of technology, music, entertainment, but also “How to” and “DIY” (Do it yourself) videos that are very educational for users.

Youtube advertising

Why use YouTube advertising?

Targeting option

Advertising platform on YouTube allows many targeting options and focusing on those users that the ads are aimed at. It enables targeting of the users by their age, sex, location, interests and other characteristics. It also allows “remarketing” – displaying of the ads to those, who have already visited your site or have already seen a certain video.

YouTube advertising can also be a great complement to Google AdWords advertising, especially in those cases where we would like to tell the user an interesting story or present them with an attractive offer.

Targeting options on Youtube

How much does it cost?

Just like at Google AdWords there is a complete control over the use of resources. This kind of advertising is still not in use with a lot of advertisers, so the prices are still quite favourable.

A great advantage in YouTube advertising is that you only pay when someone is interested in a certain ad. That means you pay nothing if the user skips the ad before it reaches 30 seconds (or if they skip the end if the clip is shorter than that).

Youtube views

Monitoring results

An analytical tool for monitoring results of advertising is built in YouTube. It allows a number of data insights and thereby facilitates decisions on campaign optimization.

Youtube analytics

Types of ads

We can advertise in different ways – by text, graphic or video ads. Let’s take a look:

Youtube ads


Types of ads

Place of display

Display ads

On all YouTube channel subsites.

In-video overlay ads

On the lower part of the video (it is displayed after 15 seconds)

TrueView ads

In videos (TrueView in-stream), in hits on the search string and on the right above the recommended videos (TrueView in-display)

Why choose us and how do we work?

You do not have to worry about whether to use TrueView, Instream or TrueView Display ads. Let us take care of that.

Years of experience in YouTube and other advertising help us to set and optimize the campaign after best practice.

Active monitoring analytics is the foundation for all decisions in the management of advertising campaigns; their profitability is our primary concern.

Very important preconditions of a successful campaign on YouTube are interesting videos which is why we created our own video production team in 2015 – we create videos, do field recordings and make animations.

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