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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective and popular forms of online advertising. It appeals to users that are at a specific moment actively searching for a certain product or service. When the user types a keyword (formerly determined by the advertiser) into the search engine, an ad appears on his screen.

Why advertise on Google AdWords?


90+ percent of internet users use the Google search engine.


Ads are displayed to those users that are at a given moment searching for your product or service. The ads can be focused only on geographic locations that are significant to you.


Pay-per-click – you only pay when a potential client clicks on your ad and visits your page or calls you. You set the budget.


We have helped some companies increase their sales for more than 200 percent.

Goal: sales

The main goal of our marketing campaigns is to increase sales of our clients’ products which we do by attracting new visitors to their websites.


We continuously and precisely track and measure everything that goes on with marketing campaigns.

How do we work?

Success of the campaign primarily depends on how well search strings, ads and landing pages are connected, which has an impact on quality score and on correctly assessed maximum bid. But do not worry – it is our job to take care of such details.

Google Adwords campaigns


1 Analysis of the situation

We examine search trends, potential keywords, competition and possible placements.

2 Strategy preparation

Selection of the target audience and keywords, writing of the first ads and adaptation of landing pages.

3 Continuous optimization

Advertising on Google Adwords requires continuous monitoring and adaptation to the ever changing circumstances.

4 Analytics

With the help of analytical tools our team carefully monitors each campaign and in that way strives for its profitability.

Why advertise with us?

Running campaigns on Google Adwords presents an interesting paradox since on one hand it is very easy to set a campaign but on the other it is very challenging to achieve good positions and acceptable prices, especially in more competitive industries (and markets).

In Ideaz Web Agency we have gathered a lot of experience in the field of Google Adwords with many campaigns on the most competitive markets such as USA, Germany and Australia.

Our clients in this field are the biggest online shops and fast-growing start-ups as well as smaller service and manufacturing companies.

We are a Google certified partner and we also received a prestigious Google All Stars Award that took us to the Google headquarters in California.

Google AllStar winners