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Facebook SMM and Ads

Among all of the social networks Facebook is by far the most popular one. About 1.8 billion users worldwide, including more than 900.000 in Slovenia, check their timelines daily and signalize their living and shopping habits through their social interactions.

Facebook in a nutshell

1 Second most visited website

Facebook is the second most visited website right after Google. It is even more popular than Youtube. Its users spend daily more than 20 minutes on the site.

2 Mobile application with more than a billion downloads

Around 90% of the users log on to Facebook with mobile devices which means targeted audience is available any time and anywhere.

3 Active audience

Users daily upload more than 300 million photographs on Facebook; they watch more than 100 million hours worth of videos and “like” something approximately 4.5 billion times.

4 Audience with an open wallet

91% of the Millennials are Facebook users. This demographic group is known for not holding back when it comes to online shopping.

Facebook is still rapidly developing. We dare to predict these two things bellow will be essential for further growth of the world’s most popular social network.

Facebook Messenger

Communication platform with more than a billion users is becoming one the biggest channels for direct communication between users and it’s also gaining popularity as a way for brands to communicate with their fans. The possibility of sending photographs, videos, emojis, GIFs, applications and payments enabled Messenger to overtake all of the other competitors. Only texting is still more popular than Messenger but it seems that this kind of communication is very outdated nowadays.

An additional interesting and useful feature are chatbots which enable exciting possibilities for personalization of communication. They are successfully used by numerous e-shops and news portals.

Facebook Video

Video is an essential part of Facebook vision. In 2014 its founder Mark Zuckerberg said that “In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video”. At the end of 2015 there were eight billion video views recorded daily. Facebook also encourages publishing of videos. An entry with embedded video has about 135% wider reach than an entry with an embedded photos. Facebook Live Videos also work very well; they record three times longer viewing time.

Facebook Video is currently one of the hottest platforms in online marketing. It enables us to reach the fast moving users that like to award compact and attractively presented content. It’s also easy to optimize, because Facebook algorithms favor videos that much. If you didn’t include videos into your marketing plans yet, now is the right time to do it.

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Posted by Adria Holidays on Friday, April 22, 2016

Advertising on Facebook

believe advertising on Facebook is one of the best available tools. It was used for building recognition in the past, but in the last couple of years it became an exceptionally strong tool in the area of direct marketing – in the moments, when we want to initiate user action.

Aside from some very obvious factors, such as a huge number of active users, we point out six elements that in our opinion crucially contribute to the success of the advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Social validation

An analogy could be the good old “word-of-mouth” communication. When our friend likes something, it becomes more important to us aswell. And if a brand has for example 10 million fans this subconsciously tells us it cannot be that bad.

Organic reach

If our adverts are well received amongst the target audience we can, besides the already paid traffic, get an additional 30 or even more percent of the traffic for free which is the result of audience engagement in advertisements – likes, comments, shares.

Very precise targeting

A couple of years ago we could not even imagine such precise targeting as is nowadays possible on Facebook. We really have a lot of targeting possibilities, from accurate geographic and demographic targeting, to specific interests and online user habits based targeting.

External data providers

Facebook has a lot of information about its users which are additionally enriched by external data providers such as large web portals, popular mobile applications and e-mail providers.


Since Facebook has 1.8 billion active users worldwide and since it has a great deal of information about them, advertising campaigns can be quickly expanded to a large number of users.

Advertising on Instagram

Facebook’s advertising platform also enables us access to Instagram. The latter’s popularity is also on the rise – it currently has more than 500 million users.

Conversion tracking and campaign optimization

According to some estimates, Facebook allows us to access only two percent of the data it has on its users, so it makes sense to use it in campaign optimization. Facebook made a huge step forward in creating necessary conditions for very profitable campaigns with conversion tracking which was enabled by the possibility of campaign optimization according to desired conversion (purchase, adding to the cart, visiting key sites …).

For managing advertising campaigns Facebook offers us plenty, or even better, too much information. Reports on the effectiveness of campaigns can have over 200 parameters, from simple clicks and displays to price per search on the website or information on how many people viewed at least 25 percent of a certain video.


Why should you choose Ideaz Web Agency?

Advertising on Facebook is not some kind of wonder pill that would double the sales of the company overnight. The combination of the right product or service, landing pages, advertisements and target audience is crucial.

In Web agency Ideaz we work with some of the biggest brands in Slovenia, we manage their advertising campaigns and their Facebook communications.

If you think you need help with your Facebook presence or you wish to establish it, contact us and we will set strategy together, define metrics for performance monitoring and start implementation.

You can reach us by phone, contact form and of course on Facebook Messenger!